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What a wonderful bob at The LATCH Annual Christmas Party

25 January 2014

doctor bob at The LATCH Annual Christmas Party

Year after year doctor bob organises entertainment for The Latch Childrens annual Christmas party. Aweing the children with his Balloon creations, shows and entertainment. Enabling the children to interact with the balloons and have some quality fun time!

When the childen are in hospital they miss out on normal school and family life.

A fantastic Charity that...


'LATCH helps organise a range of activities and treats to help boost moral and keep children occupied and amused during their long stays in hospital.'

The annual LATCH Christmas party is a wonderful event allowing all the children to have some fun. doctor bob and the entertainers he organised again this year were a fanatsic team Mr Jasper Blakely as 'The Naughty Elf', Mr Lee James as 'Bruce Airhead' with his giant balloon, Mr Russel Wells as Pick n Mix Circus 'The Gingerbread Character' all helped to raise huge smiles on so many small faces.

An honour to be a part yet again of such a wonderful event!